What to do when you’ve had enough

Life always gets in the way, isn’t it? It has a habit of making a joke out of you and you always try to get up and maybe even fight back. Well, don’t! You can’t win against it, so you’d better give up. Instead, there is one thing you can do…

Everything begins in high-school, when you realize for the first time that you are not as smart as you thought.
Then, a  few years later you will fail your first exam, too.
But, in between, your family will drive you crazy.
And even your favorite character will leave you alone in this big, bad world!
Then,  you’ll discover that you don’t really have true friends…
So you don’t have anyone you can tell that your crush doesn’t like you back.
Slowly, you are starting to realize that you’ll never be good enough…
Plus, you don’t fit in either.
But then, you meet someone and finally, you feel like everything is right in the world!
Until you get dumped and you decide that you’ve  had enough.

In times like these, when life gets you down..

There is only one thing you should do! Buy that jar of sweet heaven!

All your troubles go away, when Nutella comes your way!

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