Top 5 melodii feministe din 2018

3. Woman like me- Little Mix

Primul single de pe cel mai nou album al fetelor de la Little Mix, este un imn al femeilor de pretutindeni. Cântecul inspiră încredere prin versurile puternice și, prin mesajul lor, îndeamnă la autenticitate. “Fii tu însăți!”, pe scurt 😉

I always say what I’m feeling
I was born without a zip on my mouth
Sometimes I don’t even mean it
It takes a little while to figure me out
I like my coffee with two sugars in it
High heels and my jewelry dripping
Drink and I get all fired up (hey, hey, hey)
Insecure but I’m working with it
Many things that I could get rid of
Ain’t about to give it up