Top 5 foldable phones of all time

Through the years foldable phones have made their way, either to our pockets or to our parents pockets and back in the day owning a phone that can unfold into an amazing media machine was considered a status symbol. Nowadays as screens grow in size we might need a new way to make them fit our pockets once more so what better way than to fold them? Here are our top 5 phones that fold and you might remember.

5. 1996 Motorola StarTac

By Nkp911m500 – I took this picture myself with my Nikon D5100., CC BY-SA 3.0,

The original, the progenitor this was the first who did the flip, this phone came out when people still used big bulky car phones or the gigantic bricks of yore. It was almost indestructibile didn’t have many other features other than the fact that you could talk to people with it but it was small and could get small, this amazed most of the people of the time and even nowadays when you found one and flipping it just like your parents did you cand understand what you missed out on.

4. 2002 Sanyo SCP-5300

This is one of the first phones that came with a camera, yes folks before this phones time the cameras and phones were never together, you either had one in one hand and one in the other. Imagine the shock of people around you when they asked you to take a photo and you just took out your phone and did the little click back when cameras were just as big and heavy as bricks.

3. 2003 Nokia 7200

Many people have forgotten that once upon a time, nokia was one of the leaders of mobile phone market with sturdy almost indestructibile phones and cheap prices they had all the R&D to create more of a work of art than a phone. The 7200 looked slick, futuristic and as professional as well..2003 could get but it’s design and durability makes this phone a great classic.

2. 2004 Motorola RAZR V3

What a blast from the past, this phone was one of the if not the most popular back in the day and even the youngsters know it, cheap, reliable and really really cool the RAZR did its job in amazing ways especially considering one of its main competitors was the nokia 7200. Here’s a short ad from Motorola back in the day.

1. 2015 Samsung Galaxy Folder

When the market started shifting, from flip-phones to big all screen smartphones many people believed something was lost, it could have been either the clicky-ness of the buttons or the slick flip up action of the phone, or maybe just the portability. Back in 2015 Samsung had the amazing idea of making a all in one package, with touch screen, folding action and physical buttons, we chose the first generation because it brought back the idea and feel of fliping phones again and who knows maybe in the close future all smartphones might fold in one way or another.

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