5 types of FSPAC students

5. Jurna Students

These guys can be seen walking through the hallways usually with a clipboard after them. They write many senseless articles during their spare time, then email them to all local publications and then get really sad when they are rejected because they didn’t use proper formating. If there’s a conference or a media event you can see them walking in groups around and about with their phone as close to your face as they can get so that the audio quality doesn’t suck when they try to transcribe your interview.

4. The Smokers

These guys can be found at the entrance of the faculty and if you get close to them they will start saying things such as: “Ai ba o tzagara?”, “Nu-mi dai si mie un foc bulan?”. We don’t know what they mean but we are guessing that the smoke that they inhale and exhale constantly has probably gotten to their brain.

3. The Talkers

You’ve all heard them before, everyone has one or two of these guys in their group, they always talk unanounced, they love disturbing everybody’s silence by asking useless questions and stating the obvious half of the time. They also take debates to seriously and start fights during the seminars and enjoy making other people want to commit not alive.

2. The Vlogger

Trying to “Make it” on Youtube? Well too late this guy is 4 videos and 100 views ahead of you, he vlogs everyday about what he ate at lunch and shameleslly plugs in his channel and asks everyone to subscribe to his channel and watch their videos. You can usually see them with a tripod and a DSLR walking down the street, the LONGBOARD™ is also optional.

1. Digital Media Students also known as “Influencers”

The Gods the true students that will actually make it or maybe not, the dream is to learn how to make websites ok maybe not their websites have way too many cats and most of them miss their deadlines by about few weeks but hey they still do them better late than never right? These guys are gonna become the true social media “Influencers” and influence everyone with their great charms and lovely sites.